Eisenhower Fellowship

Greg has been awarded an Eisenhower Fellowship for 2012, which will see him undertaking a range of legal experiences throughout the United States of America in 2012.



Greg has a high media profile and is often featured on television news items and documentaries in respect of criminal law issues.

As previously described, he is the Host and an Executive Producer of the weekly television programme ‘The Court Report’. Back episodes can be viewed on key words The Court Report.

In 2004 Greg hosted a television documentary called ‘What’s Your Verdict: Mark Lundy”. The programme aired on TV3 and was the most watched documentary in NZ that year.  It was followed up by a further four documentaries using the same format. Greg presented two of these additional programmes but could not present the other two because they involved cases in which he had been involved (including Peter Ellis). The programmes each focused on a high profile and controversial criminal case involving circumstantial evidence which is summarised and presented to a newly empanelled jury to debate. The emphasis was on jury dynamics rather than the cases themselves.


Print Media

Greg is regularly featured in magazines, journals and newspaper articles. Here is a selection of some of those articles;


“King At Court”,  North&South Magazine,  September 2004

An insight into the life and motivations of Greg as he prepares to take the Bruce Howse case to the Privy Council.


“Barrister of the Year 2007

 Greg wins the inaugural Barrister of the Year competition.


 Best Boldest Brightest 2008″, New Zealand Listener, December 6 2008

 In this article Greg features as number 4 in the New Zealand Listener’s “Power List: The Law”


 “Life’s Lessons Learned”, The Dominion Post,  May 13 2009

 Lawyer Greg King speaks to The Dominion Post about the people, places and events that have influenced him.


 “Right First Time”, Canvas, Weekend Herald, July 18 2009

This article explores what it is like to defend someone charged with murder for the first time.


  “For The Record”, The Dominion Post, September 19 2009

Greg is interviewed for the Dominion Post on his 40th birthday.



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