Trial Cases

The Nelson Father:

In 2004 Greg acted for a Nelson father charged with murdering his severely disabled baby daughter. At trial the father was acquitted by the jury on all charges and granted final name suppression. It was a case that divided the nation.

Oldest man charged with murder:

In 2003 Greg successfully defended the oldest man in NZ ever charged with murder. The man aged 90 years was charged with the ‘mercy killing’ of his terminally ill wife. His prosecution was permanently stayed by the High Court with permanent name suppression being ordered.

Bartley Kelly:

Discharged on a count of murder following a 13 week trial in the High Court at Wellington in 2003.

Daniel Moore:

Convicted at trial of the murder of Mr Stanlake, whose handless corpse was found washed up at the Red Rock beach, sparking a media frenzy.

Hayden McKenzie:

Pleaded guilty to his second ‘hate crime’ murder from the West Coast of the South Island. One of NZ’s most notorious murderers.

Alan Woodcock:

A former Catholic Priest who was extradicted to NZ from England in 2004 to face numerous historical charges of serious sexual abuse against a number of complainants.

Brother Roger Maloney:

A Brother in the Order of St John of God and former Prior of Marylands School for Boys in Chrsitchurch in the 1970s. Extradicted to NZ from Australia in 2007 after a monumental legal battle there, going all the way to the High Court of Australia. Brother Moloney was indicted on 40 charges alleging sexual offending against boys in his former care but ultimately after a complex trial in the High Court at Christchurch involving a dozen complainants, he was convicted on only 5 relatively minor charges. A number of other members of the religious order also faced prosecution including McGrath and Garchow.

Karl Check (Whanganui High Court – transferred to Wellington):

One of 12 men charged with the murder of baby Jhia TeTua in ‘gang wars’ in Whanganui. Check was alleged to have been the mastermind and senior patched member who ordered the hit, supplied the firearm and accompanied the gunman (his ‘prospect’ to the scene). He had initially pleaded guilty to the crime and Greg was instructed to apply to vacate his guilty plea (which succeeded) however he was convicted at the end of his lengthy trial.

Kerry Harford (Dunedin High Court):

Charged by the SFO together with Michael Swann (represented by John Haig QC) for defrauding in excess of $17m from the Otago Health Board over a six year period of time. Both men convicted after a 3 week trial.

Greg Carvell (Auckland District Court):

Greg successfully defended Auckland Gunshop owner Greg Carvell in the high profile and controversial case arising out of the shooting of a would-be robber in 2006.

Virender Singh (Manukau District Court):

In 2009 Greg successfully represented South Auckland Liquor shop owner Virender Singh on charges alleging he seriously assaulted (causing GBH) with a hockey stick, 2 young men he believed were trying to rob his store.

Makutu trial (2009):

Greg acted for two of nine accused in this high profile ‘manslaughter’ trial arsing out of the death of a 22 year old women in the course of a Makutu (exorcism) in Wainuiomata. All accused were close family of the deceased. One of Greg’s clients was acquitted by the jury, the other convicted. The convicted person was sentenced to community work.

Rangitera Walker (2009) High Court at Wellington:

A 14 year old jointly charged with murder of a man in Featherston. Convicted after trial in the High Court at Wellington in December 2009.

Gary Duffin (2009) High Court at Wellington:

The father or murdered school girl Carla Kardno on charges of historic sexual abuse as well as supplying drugs.

Clayton Weatherston (2009):

Undoubtedly one of the most unpopular trials of modern times. Greg appeared as second counsel to Mrs Ablett Kerr QC in the defence of Clayton Weatherston for the murder of Sophie Elliott, at his trial in the High Court at Christchurch (the venue having been changed from Dunedin).

Te Li Tan (Auckland High Court) (2010):

Eventually acquitted after his second trial in the High Court at Auckland on charges of importing Methamphetamine (2 kg); possessing for supply and conspiracy to import in excess of 60 kg.

Thomas Baugh (High Court at Wellington) (2011):

Following his trial in the High Court, Mr Baugh was acquitted of manslaughter on the basis of self-defence. The acquittal caused a mini riot in the Court precinct.

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